Thursday, December 5, 2013

A few more pics ♡♥♡♥♡♥

Rants of an outspoken escort. The other ladies think it, I'm just saying it. Explicit and Uncut

For those of you who have had the honor in meeting me, you're welcome.  Lol

For those who are skeptics and are too "vagina like" (aka a pussy) to give me a call,  grow some balls, or better yet, allow me to squeeze yours.  Lmao. Seriously though, man up; I don't bite hard.

Ohhhhh and of course, shout out to the men that live for a $40 special. . Get your life (slang for: get the fuck outta here and please don't call me.) I don't charge an arm and leg, though I prefer to go without the lint in your pockets. As I've previously stated in a former blog, we all have bills and in no way am I trying to rape your bank account. I just know what I bring to the table and the experience I offer is worth a few extra dollars.

Shout out to the men asking for 15min rates, yet they really need 30mins or an hour. Get your life! ! This leaves a nasty taste in my mouth, stop the cheapness and madness people, be FAIR. Stop expecting 5 star treatment with 1 1/2 star coins. .

Bad hygiene: NOT FUCKING COOL. I do not appreciate bad breath, musty balls, and funky asses. We are all GROWN. If I EVER had a smell,  you would be totally turned off, show me the same respect.  I understand getting off work and not being able to shower, I'm pretty cool about this and I have 2 showers you are free to use, hell at least wash up or ask for a baby wipe.  Remember, if you can smell you, I can too EVEN MORE. Duhhhh.

Regulars wanting a huge discount on a regular basis. wtf is wrong with you?? Ok, hear me out, let me paint you a beautiful picture. You walk into your workplace and your boss tells you, "We no longer want to pay you $25hr, we are now going to pay you $19hr. Your job  description remains completely the same and because you are valued we want to just pay you a few dollars less. Oh yeah, be happy you still have a check coming from this company and please go to work as if nothing has changed. .  Oh and please do your job with a smile.
On the flip side, I love building relationships and shit happens. If you are a little short occasionally,  that's cool,  let me know.  Don't try to hustle me, I hate it. Oh and regulars asking their rate amount every time is ANNOYING.  Jesus,  you know the Damn rate,  so STOP. Believe it or not,  I'm organized,  I keep up with these matters.

Some guys will read this and laugh, some will feel offended (then I'm definitely speaking to you), others will probably think I'm a total little bitch and this far from the truth. I'm sweet, I pinky swear ♥ Lastly, now you may be a tad more intimidated to meet me (get over it and call me, because I still have your attention. )

Always up for a debate, so call me if you would like to discuss my views. Lol
404.454.9742 Kandi

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

shoutout to country ass Macon!!


I usually bring a friend when I make this drive.. I decided to come alone this time.   But,  those that know me knows I bring that FIRE!  I do not come that often,  you may want to take advantage of being with this extra thick boss.  :) I know come off a little cocky,  but Imma let my actions do the talking.

Take second and look through my former blogs and then give me a call.. 4044549742 Kandi

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kandi and Carmen X showing up and showing out!

Hey babes,

Having my friend Carmen over is ALWAYS a pleasure. I have trained her to be a good girl and she knows how to work those nice curves.

Personally, I (Kandi) am a naturally aggressive woman that insist on taking charge. Seeing a man squirm with pleasure is BEYOND exciting for me. I take pride in providing a experience that could potentially blossom into a long lasting relationship.

About the 2 girl show:

Soft touches, tease and denial, face sitting, toy play, and so much more is offered. We rather you come find out for yourself. :-)

404.454.9742 Kandi

404.454.9742 Kandi

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

THiCK girls are WAY better than BONEY chicks!!!!

Hey guys,

This is Kandi and I am here to rock the fuck out of your world. I am a recent college grad that GOES HARD in the paint! I am the MAIN COURSE MEAL, and these other chicks can be your side piece after I put it down first. :-) It's all good, because after one encouter with me; YOU WILL BE BACK!!

What sets my service apart from the rest???

Great question.. First off, I am NOT a cheap thrill. I understand that you work hard for your money and the last thing you want is to feel cheated.. My pics are accurate and I will not waste your time with fakeness.. I am aggressive and I know exactly what it is that I want.

Secondly: I am NASTY.. Meaning, I am SUPER freaky.. I love licking balls and SUCKING a mean hard stiff one. Eye contact is important to me, I need you to know that I am being pleasured by your pleasure.

Here are some freaky pics of me.. I love entertaining with another girl, but I am entertaining alone this time. I still thought you might enjoy these pics. :-) She is a submissive freak that obeys my command. I trained her to please my appetite very well. Yummmmm.. The Single Pictures are of me (kandi)

404.454.9742 Kandi..